PiMost HAT For Raspberry Pi 12V input MOST25 Only





Early listing as should be available soon! This is a fully featured MOST bus hat for a Raspberry Pi aka PiMost. I believe it is the first of its kind so it’s important that it’s clear what it does, what it can do, and what it doesn’t do!

What it does

  • Interfaces for MOST25 (only tested on 48khz frequency, which is standard on JLR atleast)
  • I have made an early BETA driver for the OS8014 chip written in NodeJs, this is created with the idea of interfacing with any language, so transmits raw Most messages to a unix socket, which can then be consumed via any language.
  • It has one CAN channel with optional 120 Ohm resistor. It uses an MCP2515 and MCP2562 for this.
  • Allows audio to be sent out of the pi via i2s to the fibre network, and also fibre to pi as audio input. This is handled by the chips own i2s clock, so you don’t have to deal with the awful one in the Pi!

What it doesn’t do

  • It doesn’t give you an instant representation of your MOST network. The network as a whole is quite complex, but also much more user friendly once you get into than Can. Devices have notification matrixes, so when you request to be notified, the MostPi will get send a message direct, this works well on JLR but mileage may vary on other brands! I will make available all my JLR works, where you can see complete control of the Most network, displaying and controlling radio data, microphone, cd player etc etc. Whilst some of these use the standard Most Cooperation functions, so should be somewhat compatible with manufacturer, each manufacturer can decice to implement completely custom functions instead, so zero guarantees!
  • It doesn’t have linux kernel drivers like canbus does, this is on the roadmap, but no timeline!

What it can do

  • Pretty loaded question! It can do whatever you would like it to do when it comes to Most integration, see some of my videos for some examples!
  • It has headers to allow an expansion board to be fitted this add-on board is currently in development but will allow the below to be enabled:
    • Handles 12V input power, it allows 9-20v to be converted to 5v
    • Handles Pi Startup/Shutdown, on Most activity it switches on power to the Pi, when activity it lost a GPIO input goes low on the Pi which can then trigger a shutdown, 30 seconds later it then completely cuts power to the Pi, this allows a completely integrated graceful shutdown.

This is a first for Most so anyone looking to purchase need to be aware of this, I have made the hardware available, and I am working alot on the software side, however I can only really experiment in the realms of Jaguar Landrover, so if you are confident at programming, have done a fair amount of canbus stuff, and looking to integrate the other 50% of your car, this may well be the product for you! The more people looking into the software side, the better it will be for the community as a whole! Final Notes, this is a development board, whilst it has been tested and used extensively on both my vehicles, use in your own is it your own risk, I take no responsibility for any potential damage incurred from use/misuse of this product.


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