How to install Jag canbus app Part 1: Hardware

Parts Required

Hardware Set Up

The first step is to set up the hardware, in this guide we will get to the point of testing in the car without running all cables etc.

First apply the heatsink the the top of the pi, its a tight fit between display socket and the camera socket, but remove the backing and it will stick to the top of the CPU.

With this in place, the board can be attached to the bottom of the case. Using the plastic stand-offs, only secure down the back of the board using the plastic nuts. For the front of the board, use the plastic stand offs included with the waveshare can hat.

Now attach the ribbon cable from the pi’s display port to the display. Next attach the can hat on top of the pi ensuring the 40pin gpio is securely connected using the included stand offs.

Attach the metal stand offs included with the case to bottom of the case.

Connect two cables (they dont need to be thick) to the can0 can high and low terminals. These then need soldering onto the OBD connector.

Make sure if using the waveshare can hat that the 120 Ohm jumpers are set to off.

Now the top of the case can be placed ontop of the stand offs.

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